Upon joining our esteemed client base, the initiation of our collaboration commences with a complimentary consultation. This essential 'acquaintance phase' is structured as a four-step process, culminating in a tailored recommendation report and proactive assistance in implementing your financial plan.

At Peterson Capital Group, we are firm believers that the cornerstone of an effective financial strategy is a deep understanding of each client's distinct situation and aspirations. This journey begins with an initial, no-obligation consultation—a detailed four-stage process aimed at gaining insights into your financial narrative.

Understanding Your Financial Context

Prior to initiating any research on your behalf, it’s crucial for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your profile, encompassing your current financial status, dependents (if any), life ambitions, and financial goals. This process typically involves an introductory discussion to clarify what matters most to you and what you aim to achieve.

During this dialogue, your designated financial advisor will meticulously document your insights, which will serve as the foundation for crafting an advanced financial strategy tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

In-Depth Research

Leveraging the detailed responses from our structured inquiry and the valuable perspectives from our preliminary in-depth discussions, our expert research team will commence their work. With their profound industry expertise and insights, they will conduct a thorough analysis of your information, while also considering the current financial environment and potential future trajectories.

This synergy between our research team and your personal financial advisor is instrumental in conducting a comprehensive assessment of your individual requirements, ambitions, and risk preferences. This holistic approach facilitates the creation of a bespoke financial planning report, reflecting our dedication to delivering personalized, client-focused services.

This personalized financial planning report symbolizes our commitment to you as a unique client. It signifies the onset of a meticulously crafted and strategic pathway towards realizing your financial objectives.

The report will encompass:
  1. A snapshot of your current financial landscape
  2. An evaluation of your income, assets, and liabilities
  3. A risk profile to guide suitable investment choices
  4. An outline of your life aspirations and financial goals
  5. A recommendation report detailing immediate actions and suitable product types
  6. Future considerations – recommendations for prospective financial considerations

Initiation Process

If you choose to proceed with the financial recommendations we provide, Peterson Capital Group will streamline the process for you, organizing the requisite documentation to move forward.

Initially, we will provide specifics of the recommended products and investment instruments aligned with your needs. Subsequently, you will receive an application form to be completed and signed.

Once all necessary documents are received, your personal financial advisor will liaise directly with you to expedite the commencement of your financial journey with us, ensuring a swift and seamless transition.

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